Lab trip

25 June 2023

The L+PLUS Lab went on location for our end-of-year bash. Here’s to the end of a very successful year!

Image of the L+PLUS Lab members and families in a park in Bury St Edmunds

Supervisor of the Year

08 June 2023

Laurie won the PhD Supervisor of the Year award for Social Sciences this year. Thanks to everyone who nominated her!

Laurie and lab members sitting in theatre seats at an awards ceremony

New lab member!

27 April 2023

We’re happy to welcome Anugraha into the L+PLUS Lab.
Better keep a close eye on her, she’s going places!


22 April 2023

Just out: “Testing the Interpretability Hypothesis: Evidence from acceptability judgments of relative clauses by Persian and French learners of L2 English”, a new article from Ehsan and Laurie.
Check it out at Second Language Research !

Accent the Positive

13 March 2023

Laurie gave a talk in the Linguistics Department at the University of California, Davis on how primary-school children percieve standard and non-standard accents.
Check out more on the Accent the Positive page!