Lab members

Laurel Lawyer
Dr Laurel Lawyer

Laurie runs the meetings and keeps an eye on the lab. She has been accused of being a 'vicious' editor of drafts, has been known to agree to too many projects, and generally gives out too much work.

Fiona Soliman
Fiona Brewer

With her background in translation, Fiona approaches language processing and bilingualism from a novel angle. It is rumoured she speaks at least 15 unrelated languages.

Xiaoduan Fan
Xiaoduan Fan

Researching gendered language use and stereotypes in Mandarin Chinese, Xiaoduan's interests span psycholinguistics and sociolinguistics. She can be counted on to remind her lab-mates reading can be more 'radical' than we might think.

Stephanie Aedo Vega
Stephanie Martin Vega

Currently working on language disorders in bilingual Spanish-English children, Stephanie excels at finding and testing an astonishing number of participants.

Fate O'Gara
Fate O'Gara

Bridging the gulf between formal semantics and sentence processing research, Fate can clear a room with just two words: "Situation models".

Concepcion Soto Garcia-Melendez
Concepcion Soto Garcia-Melendez

Working on language attrition and heritage language speakers, Inma is the lab expert in eye-tracking and making eye-wateringly complicated models.

Anugraha Thorat
Anugraha Thorat

The first lab member to tackle multimodal processing, Anu looks at how different populations use subtitles to support speech perception.


Dr Ehsan Solaimani Dahanesari

PhD: L2 processing of English relative clauses and long-distance wh-dependencies: evidence from L1-French and L1-Persian speakers (2023)

Dr Willem van Boxtel

PhD: A matter of memory? Sentence comprehension in healthy aging (2022)

Find him now in Purdue's Aphasia Research Laboratory